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Investor Relations

TomTom is committed to providing a high degree of transparency and consistency in its reporting. We engage and maintain open dialogue with investors and analysts and have an extensive communication programme, which includes the General Meeting, roadshows, investor conferences, presentations, webcasts and in-house meetings. Related events are reported and regularly updated on the Investor Relations website.

TomTom strictly adheres to applicable rules and legislation on fair disclosure. Our goal is to inform investors about the company and its management, strategy, goals and expectations in a transparent, timely and consistent manner.

Investors and analysts are invited to contact our Investor Relations team with any information requests they have:


The company's Investor Relations website corporate.tomtom.com/investor.cfm contains up-to-date financial information about TomTom. Investors and analysts are encouraged to visit the Investor Relations website regularly for a detailed and up-to-date coverage of the share price, shareholder meetings, quarterly and annual results, press releases, presentations, webcasts and Investor Relations-related events.

In addition, we recommend that investors and analysts visit TomTom's dedicated corporate website, which includes a wealth of information in relation to:

Financial calendar 2016

Table_73 Financial calendar

Date  Event 
19 April 2016 Publication Q1 2016 results
22 April 2016 General Meeting
19 July 2016 Publication Q2 2016 results
21 October 2016 Publication Q3 2016 results

Closed period

From the first day of the quarter until the publication of the quarterly results, the company is in a closed period. During this time we do not engage in discussions with analysts, investors and financial journalists or make presentations at investor conferences.


An overview of the company's shareholders with a holding (voting rights) of 3% or more of the issued capital can be found in the Corporate Governance section. The following table shows the company's ordinary shareholder structure as at 31 December 2015:

Table_72 Shareholder structure

Name # shares % of total
Founder - Harold Goddijn 26,137,832 11.3%
Founder - Corinne Vigreux 26,137,831 11.3%
Founder - Pieter Geelen 26,137,831 11.3%
Founder - Peter-Frans Pauwels 26,137,832 11.3%
TOTAL FOUNDERS 104,551,326 45.4%
Free float 125,944,655 54.6%


The Foundation Continuity TomTom was established in 2005. The purpose of the Foundation is to safeguard the interests of the company and all of its stakeholders. It does so by ensuring that the company is in a position to resist influences that could affect its independence, continuity and/or corporate identity in any manner that would be in contravention of the interests of the company or its stakeholders.

The company has granted the Foundation a call option entitling it to subscribe for preferred shares up to 100% of the aggregate outstanding share capital (excluding issued and outstanding preferred shares) of the company at the time of issue. An issue of preferred shares in the manner described would cause substantial dilution of the voting power of any shareholder whose objective was to gain control of the company.

Currently, there are no preferred shares outstanding. More information on the Foundation can be found in the Corporate Governance section.


The graph below shows the indexed closing share price development of the company versus the AMX during 2015.


key share data

Table_74 Key share information (I)

(in €, unless stated otherwise) 2015 2014
Share price at the start of the year 5.53 5.15
Share price at the end of the year 11.61 5.53
Highest closing share price 12.29 6.62
Lowest closing share price 5.30 4.34
Market capitalisation at year end (€ in millions) 2,674 1,236
Average daily volume traded (# in thousands) 2,141 1,105
EPS - fully diluted 0.08 0.10
Adjusted EPS - fully diluted1 0.21 0.27
FCF per share - fully diluted -0.15 0.05
Weighted average number of shares outstanding (# in millions) 227.8 222.7
Weighted average number of shares fully diluted (# in millions) 232.4 225.1
1. Earnings per fully diluted share count adjusted for acquisition-related amortisation & gain on a post-tax basis.


Shares outstanding

TomTom N.V. had 230,495,981 shares outstanding as at 31 December 2015. The number of options outstanding was 10,532,136. The weighted average number of shares on a fully diluted basis was 232,377,771.


TomTom N.V. shares are traded on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where the company is included in the Amsterdam Mid-Cap Index (AMX):

  • Euronext Amsterdam symbol: TOM2;
  • ISIN: NL0000387058;
  • Common Code: 021984272;
  • Amsterdam Security Code Number: 38705;

Share options of TomTom are traded on the Euronext Amsterdam Derivative Market.

Dividend policy

TomTom has no current plans to distribute dividends. The company gives priority to increasing technology investments to strengthen its capabilities and competitive position, whilst at the same time improving its balance sheet. The company believes that allocating its cash resources to these priorities, serves shareholders' interests better in the longer term.