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Human resources

The true value of our business lies in our people. We need to attract the best people, invest in their development and give them the opportunity to grow and achieve more every day. Entrepreneurialism is valued in our company and we believe that organisational flexibility will allow for people to make their own choices and thrive.


TomTom attracts agile and adaptable people, capable of effectively dealing with and responding rapidly to changing circumstances. Having the best people enables us to deliver the greatest and most innovative products and services to our customers.

OUR AMBITION IS TO BE the employer of choice in technology

To deliver on this ambition, HR has positioned itself as a strategic partner to work with the organisation to deliver against our business objectives for growth. This position allows us to better prepare for the changing landscape of the future of work as well as the changing needs of our business.

7.2From service provider to strategic partner

Our HR strategy focuses on three key areas that help set the foundation to better shape our workforce needs. These areas are: People, Management Capabilities and Employer Brand. Each of these areas is important to growth. We have made significant investments in understanding exactly what our employees need and want so that we can offer customised experiences, in having the right managers in place to manage our increasingly agile and talented workforce and in ensuring that we have the right employer brand strategy in place to attract and retain the talent we need to further grow.

7.3People are our greatest asset

At TomTom, our people are our greatest asset and we employ the best people. Our employees have unique skill sets that are in high demand by other companies in different industries.

Our strategy to attract, develop, and retain the right people is about creating the conditions for our employees to achieve more, faster, than at any other company. We do this through a segmented and targeted approach, creating an employee experience that is customised to the needs of our employees with respect to their compensation and benefits, learning, communication, level of empowerment, and even the management style.

We aim to be the most attractive employer for our employees, standing out from competition, with an understanding of what drives them to be their best and enable them to achieve more than they could anywhere else.


7.4Career development - Putting our people first

TomTom is committed to the advancement and career development of our employees. This is exemplified by our policy to first recruit from within the company, which supports our 'Achieve More' proposition. In support of this policy, we are strongly promoting internal hires for leadership and management roles before recruiting externally.

We continue to develop and improve our career track programmes in Finance, Customer Care, Map Operations and Software Development. The World Class Software Development Programme has continued to deliver value to the company in its third year of existence. These results have included further refining the way TomTom scales its Agile development, sharing best practices across product units, organising events such as Agile Summits and an external speaker series.

Our World Class Product Management Programme continued to make progress with strategies and roadmaps continually improving. Through our external engagements TomTom is increasingly visible as a leader in Agile organisations and this visibility has contributed to our recruitment and talent development. Finally, our product units have further refined and documented the different software development frameworks in place and made further improvements in the use of software development key performance indicators.

In 2015, TomTom ran a 'Path to Excellence' World Class Graduate Programme. Its aim is to attract graduates from the best universities worldwide. The programme focus this year was Product Management. We attracted over 650 graduates from around the world (up by 30% from 2014). Graduates came from top tier universities: MIT, ESSEC, HEC, LSE, and Imperial College London. Fifty-four strong candidates were invited to our rigorous assessment days, of which seven were hired. Three  of the seven graduate hires were female, which shows that we continue our support of a diverse workforce.

This programme continues to recruit the strongest performing employees who deliver significant results for the business. Our ambition is to continuously raise the level of this programme and to create a competitive engineering track that is a highly sought after placement for those who qualify.

7.5Talent - Finding the right people

To be the employer of choice in technology, TomTom needs the best talent. In 2015, our global headcount grew by 12% to more than 4,600 people. As the market continues to change and accelerate, we are transforming how we attract, develop and retain the right talent for our business – now and for the future. We source actively for all roles. We organise hackathons, use social media, work with our Fellows for thought leadership, and engage and involve our leadership.

7.6Learning and development - Developing our people to achieve more

Enabling our people’s development and growth is key to delivering our Achieve More promise to employees. Our people are learning all the time and they are learning from each other. To expand these support structures, we are building a network for people to find each other and build valuable mentoring relationships. Our learning and development platforms have content that is meaningful and relevant.

In 2015, learning and development provided employees with the opportunity to enhance their engineering skills through various online and offline events, such as webinars, classroom courses and external presentations.

7.7Compensation & benefits - Our people’s needs matter

Our remuneration strategy is key for attracting and retaining talent. We aim to provide fair, competitive and responsible compensation for each of our employees. However, we recognise that the workforce is changing and markets are becoming highly competitive with respect to benefits, compensation and perks. A one-size-fits-all policy does not make sense for the workforce of the future.

Given the changes in the market, especially in the technology sector, we have initiated a project to understand the individual needs of our employees so that we can create customised, personalised programmes for different segments of our employee population. This will lead to a unique attraction and retention approach and will enable us to compete effectively against other benefit and perk-driven employers.

In terms of employee benefits, TomTom is committed to offering all employees market competitive benefits such as pension and health care according to each country’s unique context. Next to these important benefits, we also offer a product discount programme to encourage ownership of TomTom products.

Long-term incentives for senior management and key individuals are part of our remuneration policy. These incentives are intended to attract and retain talent to the company. Our long-term incentive programme includes phantom stock and stock options, along with restricted stock, which are offered to key talents. All of our long-term incentive programmes are conditional to continued employment of the employee only and have a vesting period of three years.

Our performance-related bonus plan is in line with TomTom's vision, which is that success for our business should also mean success for the individual employee. The bonuses paid as a percentage of base salary vary according to the job grade and reflect the level of influence that each role has in the execution of TomTom's strategy.

7.8Management capabilities

In 2015, we redesigned our Management Development Programme to address the needs of our current and future workforce. With 54% of our global employee population born between 1980 and 2000, we are operating in a millennials world and we recognise that the ‘future of work’, and how younger generations perceive their employer and workplace, will shift dramatically in the coming decade. Their expectations towards people managers as facilitators of personal growth have great impact on the manager profiles.

We want our managers to act as multipliers, coaching their teams to achieve more every single day. With this in mind we have designed two levels within the programme. The first level supports people who are transitioning from individual contributors to managers, and the second level is an advanced programme for senior managers who lead large teams or other managers.

7.9Employer brand

We are bringing our employees to the forefront of the business and celebrating who we are, our talent, and what we have accomplished at TomTom. Our unique culture is what sets us apart from other technology companies and we are actively communicating what it is like to work at TomTom to the outside world. We have re-launched and re-branded our career site (tomtom.com/careers) to reflect our new Achieve More proposition. The site is a platform for candidates to discover new job openings as well as an opportunity to lift the lid on what it is like to work at TomTom.

We work closely with all organisational units on targeted recruitment and retention tactics that will contribute to our goal to be the employer of choice in technology. This includes encouraging all employees to be part of the recruitment and hiring process. It is everyone’s responsibility to bring the best people on board.

To amplify these initiatives, we support all global offices with recruitment activities such as hackathons, events and brand awareness campaigns that support their recruitment plans.

In addition to our segmentation exercise, we continue to engage and get-to-know our employees on a daily basis. In 2015, we created several internal initiatives to build bridges and further relationships across the globe and bring employees together.

These include 'Behind the Launch', a programme to celebrate employees who worked behind the scenes of product creation; 'Beyond the Code: Women in Technology', a programme nurturing our female employees in technology and reinforcing our support of gender diversity at TomTom; and an internal crowd funding platform called 'TomTom Crowdrise', a programme that supports our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and employees who volunteer and raise money for charitable activities. All of these programmes enable us to create strong employee stories to share internally and externally to further position TomTom as a company of choice.

We have been recognised as A Great Place to Work® in Pune, India, our second largest site with approximately 800 employees.


In 2015, we launched our Achieve More Proposition – 'At TomTom you can achieve more in less time than at any other company'. This employee value proposition not only reflects the general consensus about what makes working at TomTom a unique experience, but also has been substantiated and validated by numerous employees from many of our 58 locations worldwide.


7.11Creating a stronger foundation to deliver


In 2015, we further optimised our organisational structure to suit the needs of the evolving workforce. This includes levelling our corporate hierarchies to become less layered and more agile. We believe a flatter organisation leads to better performance, innovation and 'Intrapreneurialism', our internal employee 'Entrepreneurs'. We have reduced layers of management and continue to look at ways to bring more cross-functional collaboration and equality for our employees across the business.


At TomTom we use analytics to help in decision-making. We understand the necessity of talent management tools that leverage big data and hidden metrics tied to employee value. In 2016, we will replace our Human Capital Management system, HR analytics and all other HR applications. The expected benefits from this are to provide a best-in-class user experience to employees and managers and to unify all employee data in one system. This will allow us to provide more robust analytics to better understand our workforce. By acquiring state-of-the-art HR tools we will bring HR processes in line with TomTom’s brand values – allowing ease, movement and smarter decisions for managers, employees and HR alike.

This new generation of technology will streamline the talent acquisition process and provide full visibility from planning to sourcing, selection and on-boarding. Pipeline management analytics will provide the hiring team with complete insights into internal and external hiring pools. The Human Capital Management system will become a single source for recruiting, and talent management, so managers can analyse their talent supply & demand and take immediate action - all from one application.

To ensure we deliver a seamless candidate experience across all touch-points, our new solution also makes it easy for candidates to search and apply for jobs from any device and import relevant information from social profiles, such as LinkedIn, giving TomTom a competitive edge in the War for Talent.

In 2015, we appointed Pontoon Solutions as the global Managed Service Provider for External Temporary Workers (ETW). The partnership is designed to drive quality processes related to management of the ETW workforce, and ensure that TomTom is optimally equipped to deliver on company goals across the countries we operate in.


In 2016, we will begin to implement our new technology platform that will not only deliver a better user experience but will underpin everything we do in HR.

We will continue to focus on management capabilities, ensuring that we have the right people to lead us into growth for the future. Finally, we will continue to invest in our employer brand, embedding the employee value proposition, and communicating that to the outside world.