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Cities and urban areas around the globe experience increasing urban mobility challenges as the populations and the number of cars on the road network continue to grow. Similar problems are being faced in all major cities as the traffic congestion increases and parking spaces become more difficult to find. Transportation authorities are facing growing challenges to manage their cities in a smart and efficient way. Therefore new, smarter and more efficient solutions are required to deal with traffic planning, traffic control and to organise safer, greener and more comfortable mobility in cities.




TomTom has created a comprehensive product portfolio for traffic and travel information as well as road data analytics to help improve mobility and provide solutions for better decision-making in transportation.

OUR REAL-TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION, AVAILABLE IN 50 COUNTRIES, is a vital tool for drivers and government authorities to save time and resources by reducing congestion

Based on a global traffic community of over 400 million connected users, which generates over 8 billion anonymous speed measurements every day, we provide precise and up-to-date traffic information for highways, major roads and secondary roads on a global scale. We provide highly accurate measurements of traffic jams and delays for better route calculation, which helps drivers to make better decisions that save time.

Our historical traffic archive has continued to grow significantly and now contains over 14 trillion location measurements, which is used for road traffic analytics by governments and local authorities to help improve traffic flow on congested road networks.

We also utilise this information for congestion level benchmarking and long-term trend analysis. This data enables us to create TomTom Traffic Index, a global benchmark that is published annually comparing congestion levels and the impact they have on over 220 cities worldwide. The TomTom Traffic Index makes the congestion problem visible to the general public, the driving commuters and the city traffic planners.


2015 Milestones

We continued to expand our global footprint. TomTom's historical and real-time traffic information is now available in 50 countries. This includes Chile, Mexico, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Kuwait and Hong Kong, which all launched in 2015 and Indonesia and Slovenia, which launched in early 2016.

Our Speed Camera services expanded into 4 new markets in 2015 and is now available in 53 countries. Our Speed Camera app for Android phones was rolled out to 16 countries by the year-end, adding to a community of over 4.5 million users contributing to our speed camera database quality.


In 2016, we will continue to strengthen our traffic services with innovative content and delivery formats using a growing number of Floating Car Data. We will also deliver new services and platforms to help manage transportation in smarter cities. As urban traffic challenges increase, TomTom will contribute to help drivers and city authorities manage their journey and transportation in a more efficient and safer way. The expansion of our services to new countries will continue and we plan to connect more customers in automotive and GIS to our traffic and travel information platform.

5.2Creating the leading traffic and travel services


To achieve the quality and road coverage of our traffic service, we use a wide range of GPS probe data from fleets, PNDs, smartphones, in-dash systems and other data sources to generate precise real-time traffic information. With recent technology advances, our traffic service also incorporates weather and safety information so that drivers can benefit by knowing where bad weather is influencing the road and driving conditions and jam tail warnings that indicate where there is a sharp speed drop as drivers approach the back of a slow moving jam. We also introduced route-dependent traffic information to ensure drivers only get relevant congestion for their route at junctions on highways and in inner-cities, where traffic congestion is different depending on which turn their route will take them. This means that drivers will no longer be warned of congestion on an exit ramp if they are navigating along a highway with free flowing traffic, for example.

We create high quality traffic and other live content with our award-winning fusion technology using both active and passive community inputs. Our system combines the data from all available sources and enriches it with traffic flow and incident data for the entire road network. In 2015, our service delivery platform, which uses industry standard formats, was extended to also distribute weather, parking, speed camera and fuel price information. This year, we closed a partnership with the German Broadcast organization ARD for verbal Radio Traffic Alerts which is already used by 22 Radio broadcast stations.